the car is sick. my boner for the queen is sicker.

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I fell in love with a bad, bad man
Ever since I met him I been sad, sad, sad
June faded into blooms of September’s moon waned and grooved
Your perfume haunted me long after I saw the swing of heaven’s gate open in toward me

Luxurious in your arms, your smile is the cool sun in the dark
Misery rejoices when you’re near and fever
No sign of sickness keeps me burnin’ down in my heart

Winter melts, she shys away quiet like the silence a dying star makes
I’m a jail bird to your music, a criminal in your prayers
I watch you in your sleep even when you’re not there

"I need a good woman. I need a good woman. more than I need this typewriter. more than I need my automobile. more than I need Mozart. I need a good woman so badly that I can taste her in the air, I can feel her at my fingertips. I can see the sidewalks built for her feet to walk upon.

I can see pillows for her head

I can feel my laughter waiting to come out

I can see her petting a cat

I can see her sleeping

I can see her slippers on the floor…”


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Preparando la visita del Papa
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